Skazka is a full-service day care program that combines caring for young children’s daily needs with academic enrichment. We offer a wide range of activities designed to bolster development in many different areas. Music, art, dance, physical exercise, as well as language development, beginning concepts of math, science and social behavior will be structured into a well-balanced day. And of course there is plenty of play time!

We have a large and private outdoor playground with soft surface where our kids are playing every day all year round. Don’t forget to ask for a tour when you come in!

We have a kitchen and a great chef on premises and provide all our kids with home-cooked meals 3 times per day. If your child has special dietary restrictions we can accomodate

Skazka has Universal Pre-K Program. Younger kids painlessly transition from day care to Pre-K. Our teachers are bilingual and speak English and Russian.